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We all feel loved and happy when someone present us with gifts or presents, no matter how small or inexpensive, It’s really not about the price tag. Hence a gift is not always materialistic, it can be the gift of a kind word or even a listening ear. However, it would be enlightening to have a clear understanding of what GIVING is all about.

Giving is the act of bestowing gifts or presents on someone voluntarily and without compensation. Thus, a gift should be something that is not coerced, but given freely and without preconceived expectations.

The true art in Giving is to give from the heart without any expectations. True giving comes from the same place inside you as your deepest happiness. They are inexplicably intertwined. Giving is enjoyed twice, first by the giver who revels in the pleasure of giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives.

The act of giving doesn’t have to be limited to an exchange of presents on Christmas or on Birthdays. Sometimes, you may be a little skeptical, wondering what exactly you have to give. It could be a kind word, a simple smile, appreciation, even a helping hand or a bit of support during a difficult emotional time.

One of life’s most basic laws are “Every single act of love, kindness and generosity will multiply and return to you many times over”. The more you give the happier you will feel and when you give without any thought or desire of getting anything back, your returns will truly be limitless.

Your life is like a river, continuously flowing. What happens when a river stops moving? It gets very muddy and stagnant. A fast-flowing river is full of energy and fresh water. Where would you rather drink? The act of giving and receiving is a continuous process of circulation that continues the flow of life’s energies.

The intention behind your giving is the most important thing. The intention should always be to create happiness and joy for both the giver and the receiver. Whenever you experience resentment and a feeling of “I don’t really want to give this to this person, but I feel that I have to” or “I should give them something,” perhaps in this case, you need to consider not giving at all.
It’s very simple, If you want to experience joy, give joy to others,  if you want to experience love then spread love, if you want to be appreciated, learn to appreciate others. These are some of life’s most precious gifts and they don’t cost a thing.

Remember, the more you give, the happier you will be. Giving creates a pattern of happiness, joy and love in your life beyond your wildest expectations

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