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Anything given willingly to someone without an unexpected payment is a gift.



Here’s a little gift guide to anyone who needs help with this subject matter. Gift giving has been a long standing tradition but there’s also the inability to come up with appropriate gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for a Nice gift for your family, friends, colleagues  or a naughty present for your lover, we’ve got you covered no matter the occasion.

When shopping for a gift, consider what the person LIKES and NEEDS.

Children’s gift may be discussed with parents before purchase if you’re not certain of their approval especially noisy toys or items that require assembly. Kindly respect parents wishes if they feel your idea of a gift is not appropriate for their kids. Give no room to a wasted gift.

Think in terms of time as well as monetary value. Example; a friend in need will appreciate a gift card rather than another unwanted item for their home. Be sensitive to the recipients needs.

Do not accept inappropriate gifts from person’s who make you uncomfortable. Personal gifts such as lingerie and boxers should only be given between people who are married, engaged or in a long term relationship. Define your boundaries and act accordingly.

Adult gifts such as sex toys or/and games is strongly advised between couples. Do not be shy to spice up bedroom activities especially when one partner feels the other is boring. It is a way of telling your partner you want to be faithful or there’s need for improvement and such gestures shouldn’t be taken for a ride.

Do not worry about what others are spending.  Get what you feel will be appreciated within your budget but always remember to give a functional gift. It’ll be a shame for your efforts to go wasted and unappreciated. Consult a gift expect if need be.

If you purchase a luxurious gift, it’s ok to include the receipt in the gift so the recipient accords the necessary care and appreciation especially when he or she is unable to differenciate between a high end product/item and a regular one.

Always remember to say THANK YOU for your gift.

And YES you can totally buy yourself a  deserving gift if you feel the need to, especially when you achieve certain heights beyond your expectations. A little self love wont hurt and this is equally necessary.

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