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Black Mosaic Fragrance Lamp

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“Desire Aroma” Air Purifying Fragrance Lamp – Black Mosaic

Air-purifying fragrance lamps fill your home with a delightfully fresh scent, but they also diffuse ultra-fine alcohol particles through the air which eliminate bad smells.

Featuring a chic bottle decorated with a glass mosaic pattern and an ornamental silver lid, the lamp will look gorgeous when displayed on a shelf – perfectly complementing your home décor. You can use the Fragrance Lamp in any room of your house or apartment: living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, or hallway entrance.

How does it work?

The lamp uses technology that dates back over 120 years to when a French pharmacist Maurice Berger used the first catalytic combustion lamp to purify the air in hospitals. Once fitted with a perfuming function and embraced by leading figures from the French art community like Coco Chanel, the lamps quickly became very popular with the public.

Simply fill the lamp with any one of our range of freshly scented Desire Fragrance Oils (*available to purchase separately), each containing 90% isopropyl alcohol. The lamp contains a platinum-coated catalytic burner which rapidly diffuses the fragranced oil into the atmosphere. Due to the design of the catalytic burner, some of the alcohol is able to pass through the system and into the air without being combusted, and these ultra-fine particles diffuse rapidly through the air. When these particles come into contact with odour causing particles, they neutralise them.


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Easy to Use:

Simply remove the stone and wick and pour the Fragrance Oil into the lamp bottle using the funnel supplied. Fill two-thirds full leaving an air gap to allow air to circulate inside the lamp bottle and for the catalytic process to work.
Replace the stone and wick and place the small silver cap over the stone. Allow the wick to absorb the fragrance oil for 20 minutes.
Remove the silver cap and light the top of the stone, leaving to burn for 2-3 minutes until the flame reduces. This brings the stone up to optimum temperature for the most effective performance.
Blow out the flame and this will leave your lamp working. Place the decorative silver top over the stone. Ensure the lamp in a safe place where it will not be knocked over by people or pets or tampered with by children.
To stop the Fragrance Lamp, remove the decorative silver top and replace with the small Silver Cap. Caution: the silver cap will be hot.
For an average-sized room, it is recommended to burn the lamp for 25 – 30 minutes.

*Desire Fragrance Oils available to purchase separately.

WARNING: This item uses a naked flame and gets hot, therefore it should not be left unattended when in use. Place it in a safe place out of reach of children and pets, and away from combustible materials.


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